Launchpad Pro Colors and Palettes

So I’ve got two function buttons coded in. That makes for 4 states for the rest of the other buttons. (Both off, Shift, Click and Shift+Click.) I have put in an initial test of adding color palettes with a select via some S+C and the Scale buttons. (With the palettes mentioned in the github link in the last post, though the LPP uses 0-63 for RGB and that code has RGB for the web so I had to divide it all by four. (Spreadsheets are a programmer’s secret weapon.)


I got the colors drawing via sysex last night, and the updating is a lot faster. I’ll have to give the code a good overhaul tomorrow. Below is a 7 note scale with one of the new palettes.


Here’s a few more links — the code on github uses all of the twelve note scales from this link, which has a good description of them.  I like the old lithographs on this page, too. Here’s another view of a colored circle of fifths with some theory. Here’s an interesting graphic, based on “Neil Harbisson’s Sonochromatic Scale.”

(Don’t miss the ‘science’ diagrams on this page!)