I really need to document this…

I really need to document this. Except every time I do, I sit down and figure it out a little bit more.  Last week it was all the positions of major and minor chords, then major and minor 7ths, and last night I found where the sus2 and sus4 chords were.

One of the layouts with rotation has become my favorite. I’ll probably make it the default layout, and adjust all the others to fit it. I believe from trying a lot of different layouts that this one is the definitive layout for musical notes on a grid. Using the circle of fifths as a color palette means it makes a night rainbow stripe across the grid.

There’s also a detail about transposing that has turned out amazing. If I am running out of room on the grid, I can transpose a half step and then, due to the color palette, find that the new position for the notes pretty easily. Though I’ll have to document that too because it’s a little strange.

I’m recording a lot of little song ideas though. Must get this documented.

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